Our Dream Teamers make it happen!


Our relationships with God.


Our relationship with the people around us.



Reaching out to the world that needs Jesus.

It All Starts With The Growth Track!

The Growth Track is designed to help you learn how to grow in your relationship with God, discover the gifts that God has placed in your life, and lead you to the perfect position here at FCFC to serve. Check your bulletin for the date of our next Growth Track!

Areas You Can Get Involved!

Growing Out To Reach Our World


Small Groups are a vital part of our church and are essential for your growth as a Christian. Part of our mission at FCFC is growing together as a body of believers, and Small Groups are what makes that happen. It’s hard to connect with people by only attending a weekend service, and that’s why Small Groups are so important! We have a wide variety of groups, so check out the list to find one that fits you best.


The next generation is going to make or break the church. At FCFC, we place a high value on our youth. It is our goal to instill growth in our students by training them. We do this through the Student Leadership program, weekly Wednesday night services, and growth groups which take place during Warrenton and Wentzville Sunday services. We want to not only teach students about God, but empower them in ministry, and make God a part of who they are everyday!


Kids Ministry is a high priority at Faith Christian Family Church! It is our honor to partner with parents in raising spiritually healthy kids. We highly value our volunteers, our parents, and our children. It is our goal to equip each of them to lead lives totally devoted to God. We hold ourselves to the utmost standards, from security cameras to background-checked volunteers… you can rest assured that your child will be given the highest level of care.


Servant’s Heart is a ministry of FCFC that has one main mission – to love people into the Kingdom with no strings attached. We do this by hosting outreaches and events to serve our community each year. We are the hands & feet of Jesus, loving, serving & giving help to the families in need in our area. If you would like to donate direct to Servants Heart using ‘Text to Give’ feature, please text dollar amount and then Servantsheart (all one word).




Every week, FCFC has a team of people running camera and other broadcast equipment for the purpose of bringing our messages online. Whether it’s for our live production or people to view later on in the message archives, our media team is the driving force behind those messages being available for viewing.


A key aspect to our services is worship.  Week in and week out we strive to provide an atmosphere where people can experience the life changing presence of God. If you sing or play an instrument, we would love to have you on the team.


Our weekend services offer many areas for you to get involved. From greeters who make people feel welcome the moment they walk through the doors, to the worship team leading us into praise to our God, the goal is the same – to create a comfortable environment so people can experience the love of God personally. 



Love making people feel at home? Join our hospitality team who has a mission of making FCFC feel like home. Options include our info desk, welcome table, Holy Grounds Coffee bar and more!



Want to help during the week? Consider working at the FCFC offices. We have jobs ranging from data entry, front desk receptionist, or help getting fliers ready for the next service. Some jobs can even be done from home!


Sometimes families face tough things in their lives and something as simple as having a few dinners made for you can make all the difference. This team is committed to doing that for families who are facing overwhelming times. It’s as easy as putting a dinner together and dropping it by their home! 


When people come into our buildings, we want them to have a great first impression. Our facilities team helps make sure of that from the parking lot to the bathrooms!


Prayer is a huge part of what we do at FCFC. Every week, many prayer requests come in online, through our services, social media outlets, etc and our prayer team are the ones who cover them all. 


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