Coming to church
every week isn’t

Connecting with people who love you and know you is a

HUGE part of your spiritual growth.

team   Check out all the small groups we are currently offering!

Why Small Groups Matter

Small Groups is how we Grow Together


Small Groups are a vital part of our church and are essential for your growth as a Christian. Part of our mission at FCFC is growing together as a body of believers, and Small Groups are what makes that happen. It’s hard to connect with people by only attending a weekend service, and that’s why Small Groups are so important! We have a wide variety of groups, so check out the list to find one that fits you best.

Types of Small Groups

Activity Groups

Activity groups are our small groups that get people together based on a common interest. There are great options that range from Blues hockey to moms groups.  Most of these groups meet weekly and provide a great time to meet and connect with people in the church based around a common interest or stage of life.

Prayer Groups

Our prayer groups are for those that are committed to taking time out of their busy schedule each week to pray. These groups range from pre-service prayer to praying for needs within our church.

Task Groups

Task groups help us in the ministry at FCFC. We have all kinds of ways you can connect with our ministries such as kids, community outreach, special events, helping out around the church, worship, and much more. Task groups are a great way to make an impact for the Kingdom of Heaven and connect with other people while working alongside them.

Curriculum Groups

Our Curriculum Groups revolve around one topic. The topics include sermon discussions, men’s/women’s Bible studies, book studies, and more. Typically these Small Groups meet weekly!

Become a Leader

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